At present, with a professional engineering team, major prod-

ucts in HAUKEY are all kinds of castings, excavator track sho-

es, aluminium products, and scarffolding parts.



 Together with our domestic and global partners, we have audited and qualified a variety of

 metal sources in order to meet the requirements of our present and prospective customers.

We can provide assistance in design, pattern development, logistics management, material

planning, inventory control, and warehousing. We can assist with coating options, packaging

 improvement, and machining options.Most importantly, we listen to your needs and work clo-

sely to meet and exceed your expectations. There are a number of benefits we can provide a-

fter careful review of your request.We would like to be part of your supply chain. To receive

more information regarding our manufacturing methods & capabilities, coating, packaging, lea-

d times, etc., contact us.

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